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The Right Way to Clean an HVAC Filter

How to Clean Your HVAC Filter for Improved Air Quality?

Regularly cleaning or replacing your HVAC-R unit’s air filters is crucial for reducing airborne mold and allergens, especially in forced air systems. While disposable filters are common, newer washable filters offer reusable options. Here’s why and how to clean your HVAC filter effectively.

The Importance of Cleaning Air Filters: Cleaning filters leads to cleaner air, reduced dust, and allergens. Dirty filters strain the system, but cleaning them boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and minimizes overheating and damage.

When to Clean or Replace Filters: Disposable filters must be replaced when dirty to prevent mold growth and maintain system efficiency. Washable filters can be cleaned and reused, but they require more maintenance. Consult your device manual for filter type and maintenance instructions.

Cleaning Frequency: Generally, HVAC filters should be cleaned or replaced every three months. High pollution or dust areas may require more frequent cleaning.
Testing Filter Cleanliness: Hold the filter up to light; if light passes through, it’s usable. If not, it needs immediate cleaning.

Types of HVAC Filters

Disposable Filters

⦁ Made of paper and cardboard, they’re replaced when dirty.

⦁ Purchase in bulk for multiple replacements or consider washable filters for sustainability.

cleaning hvac filter

Washable Filters

⦁ Reusable and washable, they last for years.

⦁ Some electrostatic options increase system lifespan.

⦁ Higher initial cost but long-term cost savings.

⦁ Less effective for fine particles; not ideal for allergy sufferers.

How to Clean an HVAC Filter

Cleaning a Washable Air Filter

Turn Off HVAC
⦁ Ensure safety by turning off or unplugging the unit.

Open Filter Cover
⦁ Use appropriate tools to access and remove the filter safely.

Clean Outside
⦁ Gently tap and use a vacuum brush to remove loose dust.

Wash Filter
⦁ Rinse under warm water to remove smaller particles, starting from one side and progressing downwards.

Remove Residue
⦁ Use a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean stubborn dirt or sticky residue.

Dry Filter
⦁ Pat dry with a towel or use a fan to ensure complete drying.

⦁ Check for damage and reinstall the dry filter securely.

Regularly cleaning your HVAC filter enhances air quality, system efficiency, and longevity. Incorporate this maintenance task into your routine for a healthier and more efficient HVAC system

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