Armanch's HVAC appliance invention

Armanch's HVAC invention contains an appliance's heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water (DHW), and hydronic heating system. The all-in-one Armanch's invention HVAC package is compact, safe, environment-friendly, efficient, innovative, and economical outdoor and indoor units.

The operating principle of this new hybrid HVAC system is adaptable and flexible to all residential houses and condominiums. The switchover valve quickly reverses the cooling and heating modes without the user's intervention by sensing the climate condition.

The robust feature of the new HVAC-R appliance provides an intelligent control mechanism that quickly senses, understands, determines, and forecasts. In addition, the appliance exhibits fast, cheap, and simple mounting, maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrading, and modification. Since the device operates by using electricity makes the environment green by displacing the burning of natural gas. Under this invention, gas and vent pipes, gas meters, thermostats, and thermostat wires were avoided.

Armanch’s all-in-one HVAC appliance has 5 different cycles including:

  • DHW and hydronic heating system  
  • Heating / Cooling
  • DHW and hydronic heating system + Heating
  • DHW and hydronic heating system + Cooling


Armanch's hybrid heat pump or HVAC system suits any house with any climate. The outdoor unit could come with or without a storage tank. Also, the storage tank model has two varieties with or without the hydronic coil.

It is possible to install without its hydronic heater to use the benefits that don't need a hydronic heating system. The storage tank is proper for apartments. Because the house already contains an inbuilt domestic water heater supply system. Therefore, to get the remaining advantage for your comfort Armanch's HVAC package is ideal.

The new hybrid Armanch HVAC appliance's central outdoor units can be attached, hanged, or supported with a simple bracket and supporting frames on the outside. On the other hand, the still indoor unit is placed in the house's interior with little space.

If you need help with adequate interior space for the compact indoor unit, don't worry because it comes with several arrangement options. The invention uses PEX and stainless steel pipes to connect the outdoor and indoor units and DHW appliances.  

Distribution system

Ducts and PEX pipes facilitate the distribution of conditioned air and domestic hot water. The indoor unit's conditioned air can be distributed using simple ducting systems. The vent can supply cooled or hot air per the customer's requirement.

The switchover valve and intelligent control systems integrated into Armanch's HVAC appliance can control and answer the demand questions "when and how much" to satisfy the user during distribution.

Furthermore, the domestic hot water can be distributed continuously via pipes from the storage tank from the outdoor unit to the shower and other residential and commercial utilities.

Principal benefits and advantages

  • The control system can understand, predict and determine pick and optimum performance to satisfy the users
  • The system knows the indoor and outdoor temperature, hourly electricity price, and customer request
  • Require small interior space or minimize the mechanical room
  • Central noisy and high-temperature units installed on the outside
  • Reduce total cost, no or less maintenance, and running costs, and reduce insurance cost 
  • Compatible with old or existing HVAC appliance
  • An ingenious and intelligent system able to detect demands, potential failures, and even thief
  • Remove issues like water leakage, multiple drain pipes, risers, water heater, and H2CO3
  • User and environment friendly