Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning repair, installation, and services

You can trust us to provide you with all the AC supplies, Central air conditioner services in Toronto GTA Canada you require to stay calm throughout the sweltering summer months because we are one of Toronto’s top providers of home services. You can count on our team of nearby, certified experts and customer care specialists to be there for you, 24/7, from the installation of new, energy-efficient AC systems to the service and repair of existing home cooling systems.

Central Air Conditioner Service in Toronto Canada

Air conditioning equipment installation

Thanks to our collaboration, we can offer the most recent central air conditioning systems from all the top manufacturers, including Bryant. All help you reduce your energy bills, fit your specific budget, and meet your home’s cooling needs. We also provide the most recent ductless home cooling systems.

Which are easier to install, more affordable, and quieter than central air conditioning systems. Whether you install ductless or central air conditioning in your house, our specialists will ensure that the setup of the new system is fast, correct, and clean.

Air conditioning tune-ups and service

Ensure your AC system is tuned annually to prevent unanticipated breakdowns when you turn on your house cooling system for the first time or during a summer heat wave. Your AC system’s energy efficiency will be maintained. Our SureStart AC tune-up may even help it last longer. Get a service contract for your AC system for complete peace of mind.

We have a few options for you to pick from that will fit your needs and budget. Our AC service staff can repair Bryant and other top brands of leading central, ductless, window, and wall AC systems. Count on our technicians to ensure your AC system runs at peak efficiency and save you money or handle any central or ductless AC system repairs 24/7!

Emergency air conditioning repairs

Our emergency services staff is always there when you call. Ready to respond quickly and provide prompt and professional customer service and repairs by covering central and ductless air conditioning systems from all leading brands.

Deliver 24/7 service and support that you can rely on in any weather! Does your AC equipment need repair? We can help!Need repairs now? Call Us Now.

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Armanch HVAC Heat Loss and Gain
Heat Loss and Gain

Fixing heat loss and gain inclouding services of with the capable hands of Armanch Inc workers in Toronto Canada.

ARMANCH HVAC Building mechanical system
Building Mechanical System

Unlocking the full potential of your building’s mechanical systems requires more than just expertise—it demands a relentless pursuit of perfection....

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Cooling Tower Maintenance and Repair services
Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are crucial components of cooling systems, requiring regular maintenance for optimal performance. Key aspects include descaling scale deposits, optimizing airflow, cleaning vents and tubes, inspecting and maintaining water pumps, and ensuring water quality and treatment. Armanch offers professional services to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Types of chillers that we Install

Industrial chillers are essential for cooling processes in various industries. They work through a mechanical compression cycle, de-superheating, condensation, sub-cooling, pressure reduction, and evaporation. Armanch HVAC-R services install and service various types of chillers, offering prompt repair services and preventative maintenance programs to ensure efficiency and longevity.

A commercial image for Condensing Unit and HVAC service
Condensing Units

Dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioning units can quickly turn your home into an uncomfortable space. Restore comfort and coolness to your home with Armanch expert repair services from qualified professionals. Armanch offers the Cooling Protection Plan, designed for households in the GTA area, to alleviate the stress of service payments and focus solely on getting your air conditioner back in working order. Whether you’re a member of our protection plan or require a one-time repair service, Armanch’s commitment to excellence goes beyond a simple home visit. Our goal is to provide honest and affordable AC repair services in GTA, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

HVAC Air Conditioning Ductless Unit
Ductless Units

Armanch, located at 1 Rean Drive in GTA, Canada, offers expert ductless unit micro split service, repair, maintenance, and chemical-pressure cleaning for residential and light commercial clients. Our dedicated service and repair team strives to deliver the highest quality services to our customers, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of their HVAC-R systems.

Armanch HVAC AC Systems
AC Systems

Comprehensive information about air conditioning ( AC Systems ) mechanisms, Types and AC components and AC functions. Conditioning air means simultaneously controlling temperature, humidity, and cleanliness to make a living and working space comfortable. Various air conditioning ( AC Systems ) mechanisms exist today, from the simple split system to the most complex central air conditioning systems. The main aim of air conditioning is to create thermal comfort and obtain quality fresh indoor air.

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