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24/7 - Armanch Services in GTA Inclouding: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, air Conditioning, refrigeration & more:
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Free diagnosis (if we can't find the problem), limited online consulting, and estimate.
Special Offers on HVAC SYSTEMS
Available in April & September
We offer supply and installation services for residential HVAC appliances. Enjoy up to a $7100 rebate and Up to %30 Saving
ARMANCH HVAC PROMOTIONS Furnace and air conditioners d
Tankless Water Heater and Heatpump Services In Toronto GTA Canada
Special Services for Tankless Water Heater, Heat Pump, Boiler and Fan Coil Units in Toronto, Canada
Including Installation, Repair and Miantenace

Seeking the most cost-effective HVAC-R solution in Toronto?!
Our prefessional team specializes in minimizing long term superational expenses
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The Future of HVAC Technology
Introducing the Next Generation Compact Hybrid Heat Pump System
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HVAC-R services with a reasonable quality
Engineering design and equipment integration for HVAC-R systems
Challenging tasks with our professional team
Providing handyman for your needs

HVAC Services in Toronto

Armanch Company offers a comprehensive range of HVAC and HVAC-R in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Our team of experienced and certified technicians offers high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs, from installation to service and preventive maintenance.

We pride ourselves on delivering HVAC services of unparalleled quality at competitive total price in the long term, with special promotions. Our dedicated HVAC team is available round-the-clock (24/7) to address and resolve any issues you may encounter, providing prompt and reliable support. Armanch HVAC Services cater to residential, commercial, condominium, and industrial properties in Toronto.
Three of Armanch HVAC Workers
No Charge if we are unable to diagnose the HVAC-R problems !
Service call
( Including transportion and half-hour labor fees ) : Up to 30 minutes
Residential & Condominium
Extra hours
Commercial & Industrial
Extra hours
Free online estimate and limited consulting
The service call fee after business hours ( 3 pm - 7 am ) and within downtown Toronto (between Bathurst, Bloor, and DVP ) in Canada is 1.5 times higher than the regular rates.

Armanch HVAC Services

Since 2017, Armanch has been synonymous with excellence in HVAC-R solutions in Toronto. As your trusted experts, we leverage years of HVAC expertise to keep your properties comfortable year-round, regardless of the weather.

Our Guarantees

Armach Inc Guarantee

Perfect Installation

With Armanch Experts

Perfect installation

Great diagnostic

Less cost

Low service

Save money + Less damage to appliances

You will get a $20 discount up to 5 appliances
For each appliances
If you order more than one for maintenance
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25% Discount

More than 5 appliances

Don’t Waste Time & Call us Now!!!


Enjoy savings of up to 30% plus the opportunity for rebates of up to $7100 during the months of April & September. Take advantage of our special promotions exclusively available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

If you purchase more than one item, you’ll receive an additional $100 discount on top of the promotional price for each item.
Armanch HVAC devices in promotions 422
%30 off 
$500 | $350

If there are technical issues, this offer is not eligible.

Cleaning the outdoor heat exchange, checking the air filter, cleaning the furnace cabinet, flame sensor, drainpipes, wires, hoses.

up to $7100 rebate + save $900
$5900 | $5000

You have already installed a heat pump there.

BLADEX heat pump, 2 tons, indoor model: BLC-24HWAC1, outdoor model: BX30-24HPHYHA, 10-YEAR warranty.

save $600 or more (rebate)
$3100 | $2500

You have already installed a high efficiency furnace.

Goodman single stage, 60 KBTU, model GM9S96060, 10-YEAR warranty.

save $600
$3300 | $2700

You have already installed an AC there.

Goodman, 2-ton, model GSX13, 13 SEER, 10-YEAR warranty.

save $600 or more (rebate)
$3300 | $2700

You have already installed the same tankless water there.

Noritz tankless water heater, model GQ-C2860WX-FF US, 180,000 BTUh, 0.5 to 9.8 GPM,10-YEAR warranty.

save $800 or more (rebate)
$6900 | $6100

You have already installed the same Combination boiler there.

Noritz combination boiler, GHQ-C2801WX-FF US, 180,000 BTUh, 0.4 to 9.8 GPM,10-YEAR warranty.

What Sets Us Apart

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At Armanch, our leadership embodies a wealth of expertise, led by an accomplished engineer with a master’s degree and over 15 years of hands-on experience in the HVAC industry. His pioneering designs have resulted in patented advancements for residential heat pump appliances. This commitment is further showcased through the swift acquisition of nearly all available HVAC licenses.

Our Armanch team is passionately dedicated to excellence and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. We specialize in delivering precise HVAC installations, efficient repairs, and meticulous maintenance services. Establishing us as the ultimate destination for home or business improvements in Toronto.

Discover the Comprehensive Benefits of Choosing Armanch for Your HVAC-R Services in the Greater Toronto Area. At Armanch, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled advantages when it comes to your HVAC-R system. Here’s why collaborating with us is the ultimate choice for all your HVAC needs in Toronto:

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Welcome to Armstrong HVAC Appliances Dealership, your one-stop destination for top-of-the-line heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions.
We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled service and the highest quality products to keep your home or business comfortable year-round. Just Armstrong furnace has a stainless steel heat exchanger with a 100-year warranty.
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