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Reliable Unit Heater Services

in GTA and Surrounding Areas

Winters in GTA Canada and its surrounding areas can be unforgivingly cold. Ensuring your home or business has an efficient and reliable unit heater is essential for maintaining comfort and minimizing energy costs during the chilly months.


Choosing the Right Heater

At Armanch Heating, we understand the importance of selecting the right heating system for your needs and local climate.

We offer a range of heating options designed to provide efficiency, durability, scalability, low environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness:

Heating Pumps: Combining heating and cooling functions, these pumps are highly efficient, making them ideal for our temperate climate.

Unit Heater

Ductless Heating Systems: Also known as mini-split systems, they offer similar functionality to heat pumps without requiring ductwork, providing efficient heating solutions.

Furnaces: Versatile and reliable, furnaces work well in various settings and offer reasonable installation and operation costs.

Electric Ceiling Heaters: Suitable for targeted heating in specific areas, these heaters are efficient and convenient.

Unit Heater Replacement Services

Unit Heater Replacements

When a unit heater no longer meets your heating needs or if repairs are no longer cost-effective, it may be time for a replacement. Signs that you may need heater repair or replacement include increasing energy costs, strange noises from the heater, constant operation, age exceeding fifteen years, or a yellow gas flame instead of a blue one.

Our Services
Armanch Heating offers comprehensive heater services, including:
Unit Heater Services by Armanch HVAC
Why Choose Armanch?

Versatility: We work with various heating systems, ensuring energy-efficient solutions tailored to your needs and budget.

Expert Technicians: Our certified technicians are highly trained and authorized to resolve all heater issues promptly.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions, schedule appointments, and customize packages based on your requirements.


Trust Armanch Heating for reliable and efficient unit heater services in GTA and surrounding areas. Call us today for expert assistance with your heating needs.

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