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In 1 Rean Drive, Toronto, Canada, Armanch provides experienced ductless micro split service, repair, maintenance, and chemical-pressure cleaning for residential and light commercial clients.

Our service and repair staff put forth a lot of effort to offer our customers services of the highest caliber. Any HVAC system has elements that filter, dehumidify, heat, and cool the air. These comprise outdoor (condenser) units and air handling (blower) units. Any of these systems' lifespan, usefulness, and cost-effectiveness depend on timely maintenance and reliable service. Systems won't operate as they should without constant maintenance.

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There are several advantages to a ductless mini split system, but you must maintain it regularly. It's not a difficult task; you simply need to be consistent. Although a homeowner can perform some minor maintenance on their own, hiring a professional is often a better idea. You want to protect your ductless mini split because it's a significant investment.

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You wouldn't visit a doctor who was the cheapest, would you? Why would you choose the most affordable air conditioning service? Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners choose to use inexpensive labor because they believe it to be too pricey. It makes sense why they wind up spending much more on repairs.

Here is a typical scenario: a homeowner complained to our office that his Mitsubishi systems weren't working, the house wasn't cool, and he had previously spent a lot of money on repairs. He stated that there was a leak and that the system required refrigerant (freon).

How does a homeowner first determine that the system requires refrigerant? "Another "AC man" charged refrigerant every year. However, if you rely on an "AC guy," you will be wasting your money by having to recharge the refrigerant each year (and then look for a lower cost to do so) when a thorough installation and expert maintenance might keep the system running well for at least 12 to 15 years! Freon shouldn't need to be recharged annually. It doesn't wear out and shouldn't be replaced; it should only be charged once. In many instances, the system requires appropriate maintenance in order to function correctly.

Second, a professional installation of a ductless micro split system had been estimated for this homeowner a few years prior, but they decided to go with a different provider because their quote was less expensive. He's come to us right now for repair.

Avoid this path and rely on Armanch's experienced service repair and maintenance to save yourself the hassle and money!