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Here's the Lowdown


Tube heaters excel at converting energy into heat, making them efficient.
⦁ Unlike forced-air systems that heat the air itself, tube heaters use radiant heat to directly warm objects and surfaces. This creates a more comfortable and efficient heating experience.


Faster Heating: They operate at high temperatures, allowing for quicker space heating.
⦁ Targeted Warmth: Feel the warmth directly, similar to sunlight, making them more comfortable than forced-air.
⦁ Cost-Effective: Because they don’t use fans and focus on direct heating, they can be more economical than forced-air systems.

Things to Consider

⦁ Running Costs: While efficient, the cost depends on size, temperature settings, and insulation of the space. Running them constantly on high can be expensive.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is important as they don’t circulate air like forced-air systems.

⦁ Safety: Leaving them on for extended periods can be a safety hazard and shorten their lifespan. Use them only when needed and consider a programmable thermostat for automatic control.

Tube Heaters

Overall, tube heaters offer an efficient and cost-effective way to heat specific areas, especially where traditional forced-air systems are less practical.

How efficient are tube heaters?

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