What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps use central heating systems to transport heat directly from the outside air into an inside space. They can be a cost-effective replacement for immersion heaters or electric boilers and are an effective source of hot water for buildings without a gas supply.

Professional Maintenance of Heat Pumps

Installers must be FGAS certified to handle the air source units and be MCS accredited to give warranty-backed certification for signed-off schemes.

When designed correctly, an air-source heat pump can provide three times as much heat as the building uses for electricity. Instead of combustion heating systems, heat pumps transfer heat from one medium to another.

By compressing airborne particles, an heat pump raises the temperature of the air. A condenser coil converts heat from compressed air to water, providing hot water for the entire building. The same applies to ground source heat pumps, which draw heat from the earth or a water supply. The compressor increases heat with a heat transfer fluid, producing hot water.

Annual preventative maintenance ensures he year-round performance of your air sources. That causes the reduction of signification costs by reducing the chance of unforeseen malfunctions.

Why maintain an Heat Pump?

  • Routine maintenance can increase your air source heat pump's service life to 20 years or more.
  • It eliminates bacteria and odors and improves indoor air quality by clearing clogged filters, fan blades, and coils.
  • Increases effectiveness and comfort levels
  • Reduce carbon footprint and energy use.
  • Reduces the likelihood of faulty parts and system failure
  • Maintains your product's compliance with RHI standards and manufacturer's warranty (if applicable). While artistry warranties can run up to 10 years, contracts for heat pump systems are often just two to three years long. For an extra fee, many manufacturers also provide warranty extensions.
Armanch handyman during maintenance and repairing heat pump

Armanch provides a broad range of Operation and Maintenance kits for every system. An updated heat pump will function at its best and use energy as efficiently as possible.


Why Should Armanch Be Your Go-to Air Source Heat Pump Provider?

Renewable energy technology design, installation, and maintenance is a relatively new field. As a result, few businesses are qualified to offer the whole spectrum of services associated with this new technology. The exception is Armanch.

Long before it became popular, we were leading the way in promoting and implementing renewable energy.

We have been leading the charge to make renewable energy a reality for Canadian home and commercial clients for more than 20 years.

The team at Armanch is the most equipped to manage the maintenance of your heat pump. We bring our more than two decades of experience to your home or place of business every day, where others would be winging it and praying they do it right. Because we live, breathe, and work this technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our technicians are never rattled by what they encounter.

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