Undoubtedly, we will need some kind of heating or cooling system to balance the temperature of any building. The use of environmentally friendly HVAC systems is very important because it helps to curb environmental effects. Eco-friendly HVAC are those that use the least amount of energy to operate, such as whole-house fans and systems that depend on the sun to function.

Design your home with eco-friendly HVAC

In any building, the need for heating and cooling can be different during the day. Some buildings need to control and adjust the temperature continuously, while some need it in urgent situations. For this reason, regardless of the location of buildings, HVAC systems are needed.

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives for every air conditioning system, and most of them are within the budget of a typical family. Whether you desire to warm the floorboards and absorb the heat or bring cool, fresh air into the home, there's a new and suitable method to do it that also helps protect the earth. There are many options for individuals to upgrade their houses or build a new home, and many of them are more affordable than you might think. Having environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems in your home will save you energy expenses in the long run, but it also provides you peace of mind that you're doing your duty to protect the earth, which feels great.

In the following, we will introduce the best environmentally friendly air conditioning systems.

Active and passive air conditioning systems

Environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems are divided into active and passive categories. Passive and active systems are used to determine the way of powering and the techniques they utilize to heat and cool the house. A passive system is a system that employs the Earth's natural capability for heating and cooling itself and harnesses this capacity. In houses with a passive system, light-colored ceilings to decrease temperature architecturally organized rooms that enhance airflow, or windows that allow warm air out and cool air in naturally are utilized.

Active air conditioning systems use multiple mechanical systems that can offer heating and cooling without consuming too much energy. This contains rooftop solar panels or relies on geothermal power, as they operate on a more efficient energy base, but it should be noted that these systems still require other sources or mechanical systems to function.

Top environmentally friendly HVAC systems


By definition, biomass is just one way of describing energy that comes from a living organism. The most well-known application of biomass is the use of heat from burning wood in a fire. Today, modern biomass technology is used to heat buildings. In these large-scale heating systems, clean-burning materials are used for energy supply, for this reason, they have fewer pollutants. Their installation is cheap, and they can save about 29-57% of energy.


Biodiesel can be a good option for heating your home. Biodiesel is also used in cars and tractors and is an ideal choice for the home due to its low pollution, particularly where carbon dioxide is an issue.  Biodiesel can be used in your home oil burner to make a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly air conditioning system, although it is costly.

Geothermal pumps

In geothermal energy, new solar energy, the natural temperature of the earth is employed to work. The water temperature below the surface of the earth is about 42 to 80 degrees Celsius, and geothermal exchange systems can utilize this energy to heat or cool only by using a proper heat pump. These pumps have a fluid inside that carries hot water into the building during the winter and does the opposite in the summer by reducing heat from the building.

Wind power

Studies have shown that a small windmill on the roof provides sufficient energy to power a home's water heater. This water heater can heat the entire building using the pipes established throughout the house and behind the walls using only wind. Although it has not yet been used commercially, it could become a viable option for environmentally friendly HVAC systems in the future.

Whole-house fans

A whole-house fan is an environmentally friendly method to ventilate the house and reduce its temperature. A central fan sucks warm air from the building using several vents and slits and sends it outside. This method can bring the indoor temperature to the outdoor temperature without consuming a lot of electricity. Installing whole house fans is affordable and helps a lot to protect the environment.

Radiant floor heating

Floors are one of the most essential parts of the house for the temperature of the house, and radiant floor heating works on that basis. In these types of systems, hot water passes through underground wires and gives them heat that increases the temperature of the house. These systems are as effective as electric systems and consume much less energy. Installing these systems is a little more expensive, but they perform well, and you will never have trouble wasting energy.


In the absorption process, natural resources such as natural gas, solar energy, and geothermal energy are used. To heat the house, absorption heat pumps employ a gas burner to work and an ammonia solution to operating rather than refrigerant. The method uses the heat of the Earth to power a pump that moves the heated liquid into the building.  The temperature of the building is increased by pumping, and it does the opposite to cool the building. It does not need electricity to work, and only solar or geothermal energy is sufficient.

Solar power

For home air conditioning, there are two choices for solar energy: passive solar technology and active solar technology. Passive solar technology has walls and windows designed to gather energy from the sun and release it when required. Active solar technology is very popular and utilizes solar cells to convert the sun's energy into electricity. This electricity is used to supply energy to the house, including HVAC systems.

Quiet duct wrap

Quiet Duct Wrap is an innovative solution that is a source of thermal sound insulation created from natural fibers and does not include fiberglass. Quiet Duct Wrap is an innovative solution that is a source of thermal sound insulation created from natural fibers and does not include fiberglass. Quiet Duct Wrap excels at temperature regulation and offers protection against mold and fungus, so it is more than just an air conditioning choice. Although it is relatively costly to install, it is durable and can make a significant difference in the temperature of your home.

Hydronic heating

Recently, changes have been made in the hydronic system, which has made it a suitable option for environmental protection. In hydronic systems, steam boilers are used to heat liquids, which pass through the pipes of the house to heat the building and can be discharged in places such as floorboards or radiators. In the old hydronic systems, water and antifreeze were used, while in the new systems, only water is used. In these systems, geothermal and solar energy are used and do not require electricity, and transfer heat directly to the home when needed.

Air conditioning with ice power

An ice-powered air conditioner is an innovation that can cool your house in an environmentally friendly method. In these systems, about 450 gallons freeze by forcing it through and onto the copper coils. This ice is kept until during the day and then feeds the air conditioning unit's compressor instead of an energy-hungry compressor doing the assignment. This exceptional cooling system is designed to save about a third of the typical energy consumption, which is remarkable for ice.

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