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We are currently approaching investors interested in taking our pre-production prototype to market. This will include testing and certification to relevant standards in the US and Canada.






Arman Elhami



  • The world request for AC will jump to 3 times from 2020 to 2050.
  • Appropriate for almost all the houses and condominiums and some of the commercial buildings + growing condominium market.
  • It is the best option for condominiums because:
  1. Its units will be independent.
  2. The monthly maintenance fee will be reduced.
  3. The heating / cooling risers of condominiums will be removed.
  4. This appliance will reduce mechanical rooms size.
  • Population Rise: 1.1% per year
  • Earth Temperature rise: 0.32° F (0.18° C) per decade since 198
  • Increasing quality of life: 30% since 1995
  • Increasing home office: 50% since 2020
  • Increasing demand of forced air units: more convenient and sanitary
  • Electricity VS natural gas: The electricity is very accessible and the best alternative for natural gas plus reduced carbon footprint.
  • Bestseller size
  1. Shift to smaller households: 4 people or less.
  2. Downsizing to smaller homes: 1614 sq ft (150 m^2) or less.
  3. Superinsulation: building energy codes continue to grow significantly in building efficiency.
  • this invention reduces initial and current costs by Rapid return on investment especially in homes that have small pools in warm climates and condominiums because: 
  1. It does not need:
  • Gas meters
  • Gas pipes
  • Vent pipes
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat wires
  1. Reduced Mechanical Room size: more useful interior space.
  2. Less total cost: total costs of less than near appliances are more compared to this one.
  • AC + Furnace + Natural gas water heater
  • AC + Electrical air handler + Electrical water heater
  • AC + Hydronic air handler + Boiler with a storage tank
  • Heat pump + Electrical air handler
  1. No or less maintenance: The main section is in high level, so it is kept more cleanly and far from snow codes (2 feet).
  2. No or less service: This unit isn’t as difficult and complicated as a furnace and being completely smart, it can diagnose all potential issues.
  • The main unit will be installed outside, and the indoor unit is small, light and installed in all directions (no vertical direction): Its indoor unit should hang up from ceilings when you want to install at homes so:
  1. It removes water heaters and all related possible dangers from homes.
  2. It needs less indoor space
  3. Less drain pipe (just one): The main unit will be installed on a side of the home or balcony (condominiums) so there will be no concern for water leaking.
  4. The outside average temperatures are more than the average temperature of basements.
  5. Reduced insurance cost: It is exceptionally safe as there is no gas leaking, no firing hazard, and no water leaking inside the houses.
  6. The installation is very easy, fast, cheap, and replaceable or adjustable with almost all old appliances in the market.
  7. More average lifespan of both indoor units (about 20 to 30 years) and outdoor units (about 10 to 15 years)
  • Thieves don’t like to steal it: Once it is installed, it must be connected to the internet and the installer registers his/her information as well as the specific license number in the database. Then the serial number, model number and location automatically transfer in the database. After that the appliance can run.

Technical feature

  • Compatible with all types of residential homes: about 2000 sq. ft. per appliance
  • Stealth and compact with quiet operation
  • Intelligently High efficiency design: COP > 8
  • Working ambient temperature: -45 to 45 Celsius
  • Rated Voltage 60 Hz – single phase:
  1. Outdoor unit: 208/230 V
  2. Indoor unit: 208/230 V
  • Rated Current:
  1. Outdoor unit: 9.5 to 15 A, fuse: 20 A
  2. Indoor unit: there is an air handler unit with an Electrical auxiliary heater with fuse: 60 A
  • Cooling: 22,000 (8000 – 26,000) BTU
  • Heating: 27,000 (5,600 – 31,000) BTU + 10KW Auxiliary heater
  • Hydronic heating system: 27,000 (5,600 – 31,000) BTU
  • Water storage tank: 50 Gallon (4 to 6 people)
  • Hot water temperature: 50 Celsius
  • Pure weight: 180 lb.
  • Total weight: 580 lb.
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty plus performance monitoring and maintenance.
  • Refrigerant piping: high pressure refrigerant which replaced R410a
  1. Liquid side/ Gas side: 9.52 / 15.9 mm (3/8” / 5/8”)
  2. Max. Refrigerant pipe length: 164 ft.
  3. Max. Difference in level: 82 ft.
  • There are 5 different modes in this appliance:
  1. Heating
  2. Heating + domestic hot water + hydronic heating system
  3. Domestic hot water + hydronic heating system
  4. Cooling + domestic hot water + hydronic heating system: in the summer, when you are taking a shower or warming up the pool water, simultaneously your house is cooling down. One side is free, plus, you don’t need to have a pool heater as well.
  5. Cooling
  • A smart control system with high efficiency: This thermodynamic cycle makes this appliance exceptionally smart when it connects to Wi-Fi:
  1. The system knows the indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, price of electricity per hour and the request of domestic hot water demands, so the appliance can determine when and with how much capacity to run for optimum and to perfectly address and satisfy all the customer’s requests and demands. In addition, If connected to Wi-Fi:
  2. Having access to hourly temperature (day forecast), it can calculate the optimum (automatic turning) on-and-off times as well as the economic times recommended to the customer for using domestic hot water (taking shower).
  • It makes performance, monitoring, updating, and modifying smart.
  • Pan heater
  • Crankcase heater
  • Variable speed (inverter)

Environmentally friendly:

  • Less noise: the noisy parts were insulated in outdoors units.
  • No H2CO3 (no damage to the drain pipes).
  • No Greenhouse gasses.
  • Producing pure water: the water condensing.

Discount policy

  • Population growth: 1.1% per year
  • Earth temperature rise: 0.32° F (0.18° C) per decade since 1981
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainability
  • Energy efficiency has become top priority
  • Increasing home office
  • Increasing demand of forced air units
  • Households & homes are getting smaller
  • Increasing demand for independent units in condominiums.

Price with installation for house or separate unit in Condominiums is CAD$ 9000.

  • Hydronic heating system (CAD$ 500) Optional but we recommend just for houses that have a small pool or hydronic heating system and for connecting the hydronic pump, customer must negotiate with technician to get a firm quote.

 Price with installation for common riser and hot water storage tanks in condominiums is $7500

Discount policy of selling:

  • More than 10,000 = %80 Retail price
  • Less than 10,000 and more than 1,000 = %90 retail price
  • Less than 1,000 and more than 100 = %96 retail price
  • Referral $100 for each side
  • Less than 100 = retail price