Maintenance and repairs

Why Choose Armanch?

Our committed team will ensure that your annual boiler service, repair, and maintenance are scheduled at a time that works best for you and your site while still adhering to Canadian Standards.

Our resources are dispersed across four states, which ensures the fair distribution of our technological foundation throughout the business and effective resource management. Every branch carries a wide variety of parts, and our large network of suppliers for steam boilers guarantees that spares are always available and supplied in accordance with our customers' needs. Our equipment is maintained in accordance with your company's overall operational needs as well as site-specific needs.

Armanch systems and administrative reporting guarantee that your equipment is maintained in accordance with the necessary standards. Additionally, we also maintain thorough records of all equipment service and maintenance.

Periodic Boiler Maintenance

Armanch can offer you service agreements based on your needs for routine maintenance in accordance with Canadian Standards. Your service intervals can be preplanned by our service managers annually or monthly.

Annual Boiler Shutdowns/Maintenance

Armanch will collaborate with you, additional contractors, and suppliers to help complete projects on time when planned shutdowns are taking place. In order to constantly deliver, we are well equipped with resources and support services and are aware of how important it is to minimize downtime.


ur technical response staff on call offers round-the-clock phone support. Our crew is accessible around-the-clock to make sure you get the best service possible from us to get your boiler system up and running. We have a large variety of spare parts available to get you back up and running quickly.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like more information about the steam boiler operating and maintenance services we offer.

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