• Complete interior and exterior removal of all grease, fat, and carbon deposits that accumulate in grills, even in places you can't see them.
  • To clean and degrease all of the frying racks, they are all placed in our custom, specially equipped steam bath.
  • Additional interior and external grill parts will be cleaned using a degreasing solution and steam at 327°.
  • Our cleaning product was created by a chemist to be environmentally friendly and remove carbon and grease from surfaces that have been exposed to high heat for a long time.
  • To get rid of all the carbon that accumulates around the burner, we'll use a vacuum.
  • To make the outside of the grill and any stainless steel cabinets shine , we'll apply our specially formulated polish.


Consider this a "Full Detail" deep cleaning of your barbecue grill on both the inside and the outside! For grills with a width of up to 50". First, our grill expert will remove any loose material from the burners, firebox, heat plates, or briquettes.

The grill racks, flavorizer bars, heat plates, and rotisserie racks will then be placed in a specially made hot spa bath for at least an hour. We will use a mix of high powered steam and our own patented degreaser to remove grease build-up on the remaining sections of the grill and the grill box while those parts are soaking in a specially designed degreaser. 

The remaining loose debris in the grill box and the carbon that accumulates around the burners are then vacuumed out. Finishing touches include cleaning the drip pan, reassembling everything, and generously polishing the grill's exterior.

Please give your Armanch Expert up to 3 hours to revive your grill.


Full Detail Revival + Vent Hood Cleaning

The Full Details Revival Grill Cleaning is not the only service offered. To get rid of the grease and grime buildup, our expert will submerge your exterior hood vent filters in a heated spa bath for at least an hour. They will also use our own degreaser in conjunction with high pressure steam to remove oil buildup from the vent hood's outside. Once completed, the exterior of the vent hood will have a a significant quantity of our proprietary polish. Please be aware that neither the motor nor the vent hood's interior are cleaned by us.


We can degrease and steam clean your vent filters, the exterior of your vent hood system, your oven, and your backsplash, in addition to your barbecue grill.

Property managers with numerous grills can get a discount.

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