Fan Coil Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary for all units to guarantee proper operation. Proper fan coil maintenance can reduce utility costs for condo owners and property managers. Armanch offers annual fan coil cleaning and maintenance plans for all types of units. Our skilled professionals will guarantee that your maintenance is carried out efficiently and without a mess.

We take delight in making sure that project specifications finish every work. At all times, our professionals keep the floors and walls safe. When necessary, thorough reports are produced for each unique suite. Most coil units have an air filter that can remove to lower maintenance costs and enhance indoor air quality.

The best systems offer excellent access to the drain pan and fan/motor assembly while performing routine fan coil maintenance. Replacement of the air filter is relatively simple. The blower motor and both sides of the coil may not always be accessible in some systems. The length of time needed to accomplish your fan coil maintenance will vary based on the model or configuration of your particular unit, how dirty each team is, and other factors.

Lack of coil maintenance can cause these problems

The surfaces inside the fan coil unit gather dust, grime, and other solid airborne particles, which reduces efficiency and comfort levels. Additionally, accumulated filth on the surfaces of the coil unit could lead to the following:

  1. The blower and housing are so dirty as to restrict fan speed;
  2. The blower motor gets dirty enough to cause it to overheat.
  3. Dampers and mechanical connections may become dusty, which could potentially interfere with the appliance's regular performance;
  4. The coil frequently gets covered in dirt, which decreases airflow and the efficiency of heating and cooling;
  5. Air filters should be updated when clogged with dirt to prevent microbial growth.

Corrective Actions: Before each summer and winter season, there should be a thorough inspection, cleaning, and disinfection (if necessary).


Fan Coil Maintenance

Keeping Your Coil Unit Clean

The resident can take steps to maintain the fan coil unit's cleanliness. It includes routinely changing the air filter. At least once every three months, air filters need to be changed. It is preferable to change filters more frequently. Some individuals take this seriously and replace the air filter once a month.

A regular floor vacuum can significantly reduce the dust that the coil unit collects over time.

Get In Touch To Service Your Coil Unit

Please contact our office if you need to service your coli unit so that we can provide a full quote. Armanch provides skilled technicians who complete tasks quickly and correctly. Additionally, we can assist with removing fan coil mold and repairing any contaminated components.

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