Caring Hydronic System

A hydronic system is helpful in the winter as it warms the water in your bathroom while keeping the floor (and other amenities) comfortable and warm.

The system is safe, healthy, and energy-efficient for individuals who live with it.

Professional, regular maintenance is required if you want to keep using your hydronic heating system for years to come.

Long-term savings are made possible because technicians can identify problems in their earliest stages before they require expensive repairs.

You can expect the following scheduled maintenance from Armanch experts:

1- Inspect for standing water

At Armanch, our technician increases the thermostat, letting the system warm up and develop pressure before checking the boiler room area's pipes and valves for leaks.

2- Check water temperature and pressure

The temperature and pressure gauge were checked by one of the expert technicians; they should fall between (82⁰C – 93⁰C). For a two-story house, the proper pressure will be in the range of 12 to 25 PSI. Your system might need repair if one or both measurements exceed the acceptable content.

.3- Lubricate the circulating pump

The pump regulates water flows into the circuit, which may need lubrication to reduce friction in the piping system.

4- Clean soot

Soot may build up in the boiler's combustion chamber. Removing dust and other materials is a regular part of your technician's maintenance. This effort prevents the debris from cycling into the water and disrupting the system.

5- Dust radiator surfaces and straighten fins on baseboard heaters

A fin comb and straightening may be necessary to fix severely bent fins to stop further dust accumulation.

6- Get air purged from the radiators

Each baseboard run or radiator's bleeder valve can be opened by our technicians until water starts to trickle. The extra air is let out, and the valves are then shut.

7- Drain and flush the system

Our experts advise draining and flushing household hydronic heating systems once every five years.

Hydronic systems differ depending on the structure, model, and individual parts. They require routine professional maintenance because they are not all created equal. Since the system is used most frequently in the winter, having it checked in the late summer or early fall might prevent problems in the colder months.

Armanch's highly trained plumbers in Toronto can install, maintain, and repair home hydronic heating systems. Give us a call to contact us, and let us know how we can keep you toasty this winter.

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