Commercial Walk In Cooler and Freezer Repairs

If you work in the food service sector, you know how essential a well-operating walk-in freezer or cooler is. Your walk-in freezer's durability depends on proper upkeep and care and prompt repairs should something go wrong. The problem can worsen the longer you put off scheduling efficient walk-in freezer repair.

Expert Appliance Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Your business' walk-in freezer guards goods worth tens of thousands of dollars and adequately stores food for your clients.

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At the first indication of a problem, contact the professionals at Armanch.

We provide trustworthy commercial walk-in freezer repair service to ensure no delays and work around your schedule.

We even offer a one-year quality guarantee along with our repair components and labor.

Additionally, we provide upfront fixed rates without additional overtime work expenses.

Walk in cooler & freezer

Common Walk-In Freezer Issues We Repair

The Armanch appliance repair specialists have experience working on all models of commercial walk-in freezers and coolers, so they in fixing a variety of typical issues like these:

  • Absence of power - A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse could cause your walk-in freezer's power outage. You can also have a control board issue or wiring problems. Fortunately, Armanch specialists are excellent at identifying and effectively resolving problems.
  • There is too much heat. - A walk-in freezer may begin to warm up if it is filled with too much product or the evaporator has accumulated frost. This issue can also occur in walk-in freezers or coolers utilized extensively (with frequent door openings).
  • Constant running of the motor - If a walk-in freezer's motor runs nonstop, there may be a refrigerant leak or another breach allowing cooled air to leak out. The appliance and your energy bill both suffer from this issue, so it needs to fix immediately.
  • Ice Buildup - In a walk-in freezer, ice buildup on the evaporator coils or air vents shows the presence of at least one underlying issue and the requirement for expert maintenance. To have a technician from Armanch look it out, call them.
  • There is ice in the drain - Ice can build up in the drain pan of a walk-in business freezer due to a clogged drain line or a broken heater. It will help if you seek Professional help to resolve this issue before the frozen stock is compromised.

We Deliver Fast & Reliable Service on Your Schedule

You can contact the professionals at Armanch for prompt and dependable service if you need help with your walk-in freezer or any other commercial appliance.

When you have a business to run, we know that a broken walk-in cooler or freezer is more than just a minor annoyance.

For this reason, we want to work with you to identify the issue as quickly as possible and on your schedule.

Please inquire about the Armanch location‘s commercial services, and contact us