Installing and repairing the water source heat pump

You might be worried that the HVAC-R technicians in your area won't know how to operate your heating and cooling system. Your worry is well-founded. Many businesses need to gain knowledge of water source systems. We have a lot here at Armanch.

Our skilled technicians are experts in installing or finding the optimal solutions, examining your house's water source heat pump (WSHP) by the best quality in Toronto.

Armanch HVAC specialist-repairs a water source heat pump

When does your house's water heat pump need to repair?

Here are five typical indications that your system requires professional assistance:

  1. The system neither cools nor heats in the summer nor winter.
  2. Although you've set your thermostat, the appliance isn't operating.
  3. The procedure takes a while to heat or cool your house.
  4. Strange noises are coming from the device.
  5. A foul odor is coming from the system.

Get service for any water loop heat pump make, model, or type

Any water heat pump can be repaired or replaced at Armanch, including:

  • Models from the following brands: Carrier, Trane, Bosch, Water Furnace, Florida Heat Pump, and others
  • Any size and ductwork configurations are acceptable
  • Multi-zone or single-zone systems
  • versions with a single speed, two speeds, or variable speeds

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