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You likely have an air handler unit system if you live in a warm region with many hot days. An air handler uses to control and move air as a component of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It enhances the comfort of your house by working with your air conditioner. Our team of qualified professionals can assist you if you need help installing, maintaining, or fixing an air handler.

At Armanch, we offer trustworthy and effective HVAC-R services around the nation. We take great pride in being known for providing exceptional customer service, dependable work, and promptness. Our team of experts is very informed, talented, and experienced in all HVAC installation and maintenance services. We appreciate each client's home and time, so we always show up on time for appointments and leave your house as tidy as when we initially arrived.

Air Handler Repair & Replacement Services Near You!

Expert Air Handler Repair

Your air handler may be the source of the rattling noise from your air conditioning system. Because it disperses cooled air throughout your home, air handlers are one of the most crucial parts of any heating and air system.

Issues with your air handler unit can be the leading cause of the number of different components, including:

  • Blower/fan
  • Controls
  • Filters
  • Heating and cooling elements
  • Humidifier
  • Mixing chamber
  • Vibration isolators
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Air Handler Replacement Services

Our team of experts can assist you in making the best choice for your new air handler installation or replacement to ensure your house is cosy and energy-efficient. Before providing recommendations, our air handler specialists measure and examine each house. Our air handling installation specialists will work with you to create a new air handler system tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and home.

Our team will check the following to ensure you install the air handler that's best for you:

  • Ensure the unit is the right size for your space
  • Schedule maintenance intervals for your unit
  • Ensure your new air handler fits your budget
  • Provide energy-efficient options

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You need a group of experts you can rely on when you need help fixing or installing a new air handler. At Armanch, we're committed to offering our customers excellent service, treating them honestly and respectfully, and charging them fairly. We promise that our professionals will show up on schedule, quickly assess your air handler problems, and provide you with a clear explanation of your options and their associated costs.

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