The CEO of Armanch Company's Introduction

I, Arman Elhami, have the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience in HVAC-R and building mechanical systems. As a Mechanica Engineer, practicing for approximately 15 years and licensed under the Provisional Professional Engineering of Ontario (P. Eng.), G2 (gas technician), and 313D (air condition and refrigeration) licenses.

Also, I am in the process of full PNG, G1, and 313A licenses. I received my bachelor’s degree in fluid mechanical engineering in 2006 and my master’s in environmental civil engineering in 2009.

The Armanch team has almost all the relative licenses for HVAC-Relectricalplumbing, and building mechanical systems from residential to industrial.

We serve the needs of the construction industry:

  • HVAC-R and building mechanical system design
  • Installation of systems and equipment
  • Service & maintenance
  • Construction & project management
  • Turn-key projects
  • General contractor

More about my resume

I provide Heating & CoolingVentilationElectricalPlumbing services, and more for Residential, condominium, commercial, and industrial places.

HVAC: Furnace, AC, Gas Piping, BBQ, Heat PumpRooftopFireplaceBoilerUnit HeaterWater HeaterPool HeaterTanklessDuctlessPTACExhaust FanAir Make up UnitTube HeaterFan CoilAir Handlerwalk-in & freezer, etc.

I have been working on my invention since 2017, and I succeeded in having it registered for the US provisional patent in 2019 and for the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 2021. Making of the prototype, testing, drawings, and results have already been completed.

This invention is a new thermodynamic cycle with a variable speed forced air heat pump which can provide HVAC, domestic hot water, and hydronic heating systems in one appliance with an intelligent control system. This appliance is compatible (adaptable) with different home types and climates. It is efficient, safe, quiet, thoughtful, low cost, and environmentally and user friendly.


  • Engineering Connection 2019

ACCES/ Humber College Institute of Technology, Toronto Introduction to Canadian Engineering Codes and Standards, Ethics, Project Management, and Workplace Communications.

  • Provisional Professional Engineer of Ontario (P. Eng.) 2019
  • I have several patents and articles.
  • I have a vehicle, a clean G driver's license, and personal tools.
  • WHMIS and WHAS Certificates 2017
  • Having 313D (Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic) 2021
  • G2 (gas technician) 2017
  • In the process of G1 license and eligible for 313A exam (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic) 2022
  • ODP licenses
  • Working in height licenses
  • Working with forklift


  • Best invention design award HYBRID COMPACT HEAT PUMP from iCAN 2022
  • Silver medal iCAN 2022
  • Special award in recognition of excellent invention/ innovation HYBRID COMPACT HEAT PUMP TISIAS 2022
  • Best research HYBRID COMPACT HEAT PUMP of Professional Engineering of Ontario 2021
  • Two articles in environmental engineering for the design of a special sedimentation Tank 2009

Do you have problems with your HVAC system?

If your HVAC system shows you the symptom of insufficient heating or cooling, spiking energy bills, changes in humidity levels, rattles, and sounds, temperature inconsistency, short cycling, respiratory and allergy symptoms, or signs of mold and mildew do not hesitate to contact or call to Armanch IncHVAC specialists.

Armanch’s HVAC specialists have experience on various projects, from installing new heating and cooling systems to repairing or replacing broken or old parts. You can call upon us to do routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning coils, filters, and vents, checking pressure levels, and performing basic repairs like maintaining leaks and replacing damaged thermostats.

The solution is in the capable hands of Armanch company specialists for:

  • Dirty filters
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Mechanical problems
  • Unusual furnace noises
  • A dirty condenser or evaporator coils
  • Blown fuses
  • Blower runs continuously
  • Water leaks
  • Ignition problems

What is expected from you to get experienced comfort with us?
  • For more information, visit the Armanch company website.
  • Just book your order through the website or by phone.

Armanch team is responsible and supportive of HVACPlumbingelectrical, and more with reasonable quality and price.

Edges of Armanch (Why Armanch?)

Hiring a professional HVAC company is essential to install, maintain or repair your HVAC system. Because if your HVAC system does not perform its intended function properly, it becomes a hassle for you.

A professional HVAC company can make a critical decision on appliance compatibility (adaptable) to different home types and climates, its efficiency, safety, sound level, smartness, cost, and both environment and user compatibility. Armanch Inc can do all these benefits for you. Among the cornerstone benefits, you will get if your choice is our company, i.e., Armanch Inc:

  • Timely all-inclusive service from our qualified and skilled team of expertise
  • Access to the right tools and equipment necessary for the job
  • You will get humble advice and recommendation
  • Reliable warranty and guarantees
  • Peace and security in your mind
  • Our technicians will look for any potential HVAC problems
  • Our team does Plumbing and electrical tasks

The founder of this company has about 15 years of experience

The founder of this Armanch Company, Arman Elhami, has more than 15 years of experience in project management, mechanical building automation system design, and HVAC technician experience with gas and refrigeration licenses. He is very experienced in any type of cooling and heating appliances. He has been fully engaged in HVAC for several years and has obtained relevant skills, knowledge, experience, and relative licenses.

Arman has been working on his hybrid air source heat pump invention with a new thermodynamic cycle since 2017. He registered it on the USA provisional patent in 2019 and the PCT patent in 2021. Finally, his invention won:

  • Best invention design award HYBRID COMPACT HEAT PUMP from iCAN 2022
  • Silver medal iCAN2022
  • Special award in recognition of excellent invention/ innovation HYBRID COMPACT HEAT PUMP TISIAS 2022
  • Best research HYBRID COMPACT HEAT PUMP of Professional Engineering of Ontario 2021

Arman has substantial experience and skills to oversee, modify, and optimize new and existing HVAC designs. His more than 15 years of working environment equipped him with valuable skills for planning, reporting, coordinating, inspecting, selecting, installing, and commissioning MEP projects in North America and Central Asia regions. Arman has received several continuous professional development training certificates and health and safety-related certificates from reputable institutes.